In a perfect world we’d have everyone we loved living on our street (and it would be a very long street!!). On that long street would be all our family (the ones that we like…just kidding…we like ALL our family…hehe!).  Ben’s sister lives in Colorado with her family and his brother, Jake, lives in Connecticut with his family.  We don’t all get to see each other as much as we’d like and so this January when HIS FAMILY FLEW IN TO SURPRISE HIM FOR HIS BIRTHDAY we suggested to his sister, Sara, that we all meet up at their house with the cousins this summer.  (So nice of us to invite ourselves over, eh?) Sara and Mike graciously did open their home and planned a bunch of fun for us.  We piled in the van and drove on out to Colorado and had such a great time with our family.  The kids were wildly excited to play in their backyard which had go carts, a basketball court, trampoline, sandbox and all kinds of goodies.  The grownups circled around with cups of coffee in big groups and small. We had lots of time to visit between our outings to the pool, Garden of the Gods, white water rafting (camera was left home that day!!), girls’ night out (during which we happily left behind all the boys) and off to Manitou Springs and the Penny Arcade. We are blessed to be part of the fold with such wonderful people.  Hearing each other’s hearts, having time to laugh and encourage and tease and tell stories was truly a gift. Thank you, Mike and Sara, for your hospitality to make this special time happen! 01-COreunion-202-COreunion-503-COreunion-604-COreunion-705-COreunion-806-COreunion-907-COreunion-1108-COreunion-1209-COreunion-1310-COreunion-1611-COreunion-1912-COreunion-33813-COreunion-2614-COreunion-2915-COreunion-3316-COreunion-4017-COreunion-4218-COreunion-5119-COreunion-5421-COreunion-6122-COreunion-6723-COreunion-7624-COreunion-7725-COreunion-8326-COreunion-8527-COreunion-8928-COreunion-9529-COreunion-10430-COreunion-10632-COreunion-11933-COreunion-13134-COreunion-15435-COreunion-16136-2014.8337-COreunion-16938-COreunion-17239-COreunion-18340-COreunion-18441-COreunion-18642-COreunion-18943-COreunion-19944-COreunion-20545-COreunion-20746-COreunion-21147-COreunion-21548-COreunion-21849-COreunion-21950-COreunion-22351-COreunion-22652-COreunion-23153-COreunion-23454-COreunion-23755-COreunion-23956-COreunion-24557-COreunion-25158-COreunion-25559-COreunion-25661-COreunion-25962-COreunion-26563-COreunion-26764-COreunion-26965-COreunion-27466-COreunion-27667-COreunion-27768-COreunion-28069-COreunion-28270-COreunion-28371-COreunion-28572-COreunion-29073-COreunion-29274-COreunion-29475-COreunion-29576-COreunion-30577-COreunion-30778-COreunion-31279-COreunion-32480-COreunion-33581-COreunion-33782-COreunion-34083-COreunion-34784-COreunion-35085-COreunion-35186-COreunion-352