All Theo knew was that he was going to see “Icky Ouse  house”.  We’d been looking forward to the cruise that my parents decided to treat the whole family to for almost a year.  We left out of Vancouver and headed to Alaska on a seven day Disney cruise.  What a gift it was!  The kids were ecstatic to go through those amazing buffets and load up their trays with all kinds of goodies and we were thrilled when we finally realized that we could shuffle the kids off the the Kids’ Club and enjoy our four course dinners in peace. We did that a few nights but it was fun to have them with us too, getting ketchup faces on plates and Mickey ice cream bars and one night Ruby and Tymen even tried and loved escargot.  A big hit was going in the pools, even when the temperatures dipped while we were at sea.  After all, they could pop into the hot tub and watch a movie on the big screen when they needed to warm up.  We got off in Skagway, Juneau, and Ketchikan.  I realized pretty quickly that I didn’t pack much for cooler temps, but thankfully we didn’t need the snowpants that I saw some of the South Americans on the ship wearing in the Alaskan ports.  It was a real treat to have the quiet times while the kids were in their clubs.  Theo would go in to the nursery to the lovely girls there and say, “I ‘appy!!!” (“I’m happy!) and Ben and I would take time to get a coffee and read.  The shows they put on in the evenings were spectacular.  Kelly’s little baby would bob her head, clap her hands and laugh through the performances.   It was also lovely to be with staff that were so warm and friendly.  The ship was beautiful and well cared for.  I’ve had people ask what I thought and the only thing I wasn’t super thrilled with was that the kids’ club and lab were very video game and film driven and my little monkeys would come out glazed over after hours sitting in front of computer games, which they never are allowed to do for hours on end at home.  Thankfully there were other fun activities to do like learning magic, sketching Disney characters and filling up on ice cream which was readily available on deck. It was good to be together, and to see everyone having so much fun.  Thanks, Mum and Dad, for giving us this incredible trip of a lifetime!