Eight months old and here's an update on our boy. IMG 0780 copywat

I feel like this baby boy is being savored by our whole family. Our squeezes, hugs, kisses, silly songs and cuddles are rewarded by his gummy grins, giggles and slobbery kisses. Like a favorite dessert, we just can't get enough of him.

Here he was sitting on the floor with me. and slowly the kids all circled around him to hand him toys, talk to him, and see if they could get belly laughs out of him. It is so fun for me to hear them talk to him in sing-songy voices and mimic some of the words and phrases I use with him. We take care of babies around here.

IMG 9248 copy edited-1

Eight months. All of a sudden, he's a bit more work as he is creeping around getting into things. His favorite destinations are: the bathroom, the kids' rubber boots at the back door which he jams in his mouth, and Daddy's cords in the office. He is moving! The best part of moving is when we lay on our bellies and grin at him and he shrieks, bellies over to us, and leans his happy head into ours.

IMG 0491 copy

Here he comes!!

IMG 8719 copy edited-1

He is a big eater, this boy. When he sits in his bumbo he bellows and rages until we shove food into his mouth. If we leave anything near enough, he grabs wildly and shoves whatever he gets in his mouth: leaves from my plant, a German chocolate donut, paper. He's quick.

IMG 8765 copy edited-1

He's sleeping three good naps a day and has taken to shoving several inches of blanket into his mouth as a comfort-going-to-sleep ritual. The other day, I was having him nap in his stroller at the park and forgot an extra blanket so I gave him some spare little pants from the diaper bag to gum and that did the trick.

IMG 0530 copy edited-1

He's a kisser too. Big, wet, open mouthed kisses. Bliss. I was chatting with my friend at church the other day and he kept interrupting with trying to land kisses on me while I talked.

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We just love his muppet-y freshly washed hair.

IMG 9781 copy edited-1


(Side photography note for my friends working on indoor lighting. For these shots in my front entryway, I opened up my front doors to bring in this lovely light.)

IMG 9813 copy edited-1

He's loving being outside, shoving grass, rocks and miscellaneous items in his mouth.

IMG 8779 copy edited-1

The other day after dinner I took my camera out as he rolled around in the grass.

This was real life: spaghetti sauce on his shirt.

IMG 0609 copywat

IMG 0615 copywat

IMG 0649 copywat

Mmmm. Mmmmm. Just love that swirl of baby soft hair.

IMG 0637 copywat

Last year all summer though I tried to make the best of it, I was pretty stressed. Counting how many contractions I was having each hour, a few emergency trips to the hospital, having to take it really easy. There were some sleepless nights and definitely some tears. I look at my beautiful baby boy now and it was worth every second. Every second. We adore this baby. God told us that he would be a gift and that's what his name means. He is an incredible gift to our whole family.

IMG 1082 copywat

We love him (and his two groovy little teeth that popped in this month too)!

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