Here is Theo on ye ol' chair for the monthly shot.

IMG 1639 copy

I talk about it way too much, I know. This babyhood/childhood thing that just flies on by, even when I feel like I am intentional about standing this wee baby on my lap and kissing him until he squeals, even when I drop to all fours while I should be putting away laundry so I can tickle his belly until he laughs helplessly. I love every moment of it.

In the following photo set, Theo was five days and then the second was taken on Mother's Day, at about six and a half months. It is a prime example to me of how fast everything changes with little ones and how I prize each image.

IMG 5870 copywat

I don't have any pictures of Ruby like this when she was little...and it makes me a tiny bit sad. I had just received my first digital camera and was wary of it. To be sure, photography was so different even seven years ago. Lifestyle portraiture was not nearly so widespread and I had never seen newborn portraiture besides Anne Geddes books and calendars. I do love every snapshot that I have of her, even the flashy, slightly blurry ones and I certainly am taking lots of photos of her now. But you never get that time back. I would give back our stroller...or the mattress and crib set...or just about anything I purchased at that time to have good baby portraits.

It's true with newborns and with families. Things keep growing and changing and having authentic, beautiful images of my dearest ones is so very important to me. It's also very important to me that I am well documented loving my family and not just behind the camera. It's worth it to me to hand the camera off and have Ben take some shots of me and also to hire a photographer to take images of our whole family together. Okay, enough soapboxing.

Theo has had a bit of a rough month with a yucky cold and a bit of a flu-ish thing. He's needed some extra love and attention and cuddling and that's okay.

He is sleeping on his tummy now and lifts his fuzzy head up when he hears anyone come in at the end of naptime. He is freaking me out a little with the way he's rocking on his hands and knees, like he really wants to crawl..noooooooo!

IMG 1683 copywat

He is so expressive and affectionate and leans his head into whoever is talking to him.

IMG 1682 copywat

His hair/ chicken fluff is growing in too.

IMG 1687 copywat

IMG 1713 copywat

He lunges himself around on the floor and growls like a puppy while he chews on his toys.

IMG 8639 copy edited-1

He likes to be an airplane.

IMG 8713 copy edited-1

I love this boy.

IMG 8624 copy wat

There is no describing what his gummy little grin does to me.

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