It's interesting when you announce that you are expecting, there are two crowds. One set of people are jubilant and excited with you. The other tries to scare you. You'll never sleep again, I haven't slept through the night in 15 years. Your life is over and you won't be able to do the things you like anymore. Kids these never know what they're going to get into or how hard they can make your life. Eeek. It can be a bit overwhelming as you try to imagine your life to come and though you're excited, you don't exactly know what it will look like. Babies and kids are a lot of work and take up a ton of time and energy...but every bit is worth it. I happen to believe that all life is a miracle and a gift and I am especially reminded of it when I get to see a newborn. What's really fun for me is when parents who just a few WEEKS AGO didn't know exactly what life was going to be like, have fallen head over heels for their little as soon as he or she arrives.

When I arrived at Timon and Cathie's the door swung open and baby Teis was cradled in his dad's arms. Both of them were beaming and Cathie's first words were, "We're in love!!"

Oh, they are SO in love with this little boy. He's just amazing and they know it. I loved visiting with them and getting the update on how the labor and delivery were, how he's eating, how they are sleeping. They are getting help from wonderful friends and family (and smartly are accepting it ). They're figuring out how Teis likes to groove and taking the process in stride. I so enjoyed my time with them.

Their apartment with three glass walls of windows is just a dream to photograph in as the light is incredible. It was also Cathie's birthday :) .

Timon is such a great dad. When Cathie was off feeding Teis mid session Timon and I were visiting about how to nurture little people and give them the values that you hold dear. This little guy also looks exactly like his dad, right down to his feet.

IMG 2065 copy edited-1

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Cathie was made to be a mummy, that much is obvious. She just adores this little man.

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IMG 2091 copywat

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It's always fun when we can repeat an idea from the maternity and newborn sessions.

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Here's another set.

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Such a gorgeous baby.

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I wanted to get this shot of his dad keeping him company while I was trying hard to get a good shot of his little feet which were waving around.

IMG 2159 copy edited-1

Got it! Love how "newborny" this one feels...those bendy legs...the peeling skin.

IMG 2161 copywat

Getting some hand holding from daddy.

IMG 2162 copy edited-1

Hee-hee. Love this one. "Mummy, ummmmm, have you ever heard of personal space?"

IMG 2170 copy edited-1

I had to add these little "comforting" ones in too as it's fun later to remember how much rocking went on. Cathie also had the brilliant idea of putting the oven hood fan on for some soothing white noise which worked like a charm.

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One with dad's special hockey jersey.

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Always lots of feet pictures with me.

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IMG 2239 copywat


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The only thing good about saying good-bye to this sweet nugget, is knowing that I get to see him again at six months as his parents are doing my Baby's First Year Package.

Timon and Cathie, you are the perfect parents for this wonderful boy and it was such a pleasure to spend this time with you!