I recognize that in being a mom and being a teacher, there is a difference in how I have felt about "my kids". As a mom, I have marvelled that though my littles come from the same genetics, the same home and the same parents, they are vastly different creatures....but the overwhelming love I feel for them is the same.

As a teacher, it was always my heart to approach each student fairly, to invest in each of them, and to see them grow academically and emotionally. I really found that the more I worked with them, the more I loved them all. But there definitely were a few that had a special place in my heart..... and Andrew in third grade was one of them.

He was so likable and funny. He was smart. He was really good hearted and looking out for other kids. He had scrawling handwriting. He loved to play Around the World with multiplication. He got to be the one that we made an Egyptian pharaoh mask on (and he didn't freak out when his classmates plastered his face). He and his mom brought in big gifts for me for every holiday...Christmas, Easter, teacher appreciation. I still have my huge peppermint candle which I have been hoarding for years and really need to just burn (but it looks so nice on my mantle). They made the effort to come to my wedding.

So how fun was it when his mom, Kathy, and I reconnected on good old Facebook. When she asked me if I could take some family pictures on my trip back to Texas, I was delighted! I tried not to overwhelm Andrew by hugging him too much, but was it ever good to see him!

So here are a few goodies from the family session....

Here he is.

IMG 8582 copywat2


Andrew has a younger brother, Cameron, and he was just a great guy too.

IMG 8576 copywat

IMG 8572 copywat

Kathy knows I just have to get in a feet shot in every session.

IMG 8617 copybw

The whole family...apparently it's been a long time since they've had a family picture done.

IMG 8625 copywat

I have to say, my only regret here is that I didn't get to teach Cameron third grade too.

IMG 8652 copywat

A few more brother shots....

IMG 8675 copywat

IMG 8687 copybw

Love this one. When I asked if we could do some photos with David's awesome blue vehicle, he was happy to let us mess around with it. Kathy, what a bright smile on your face....I can tell how much you wish you could drive it every day.

IMG 8729 copybw

As a parent now, it is so very encouraging for me to see how young kids who were so great, are growing up to be wonderful young people too. What a blessing it was to spend this time with your family! Thank you for the opportunity.