I met up with my friends, Keri and Mike, who are getting ready to welcome their third son into their family. They are some busy, busy parents to two busy little boys, so what's one more monkey to throw in the mix, right? Except, of course, now they will be outnumbered.

This picture totally cracked me up. I had this nice idea of the whole family standing in a neat row holding their numbers....but I like this crazy one even better. I LOVE kids being kids. It's so much better than starchy cheese-o smiles.

IMG 9790 copywat

IMG 9721 copywat

Can anyone say...."non-stop energy"?

IMG 9708 copywat

Lukas is ready to be a big brother again. He's got it down.

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Then off to the beach we went, about five minutes away from their house. Time to celebrate their little guy coming.

IMG 9824 copywat

Isn't she so pretty? Keri is one of those sunshiny people that always has a kind word to say. I appreciate that. She is funny and encouraging. I am thankful she is my friend.

I am so glad we were able to get some pictures of her ripe, round belly, especially with Korbin coming in less than two weeks.

I know women don't feel super glamorous at the end of pregnancy. (Believe me, I have been there). However, there is something so beautiful about a mommy ready to embrace her little one. I have talked to a lot of moms and not one has expressed regret over taking tummy pictures. I have had several, though, who wished that they would have had a few good ones.

IMG 9815 copywat

I love this one. That little fellow is so cherished already.

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IMG 9859 copywat


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IMG 9872 copywat

IMG 9803 copywat

Mike loves this little family of his.


IMG 9882 copywat

With all the wrestling of the boys at the house, and then leaping over water streams and logs at the beach, I was a little concerned that I would send Keri into premature labor...but I didn't....whew.

I can't wait to meet your beautiful new son, Keri and Mike.