I distinctly remember the first time I met Chris and Christine. It was back in the days when Ben and my relationship status was officially "friends". I was in Vancouver visiting family and Ben was up from California visiting his good friends in Seattle. The three of them took a road trip up to see me. We went downtown to eat and I remember Chris and Christine laughing a lot. My sister was with us too and there was a sisterly tussle over a Nutella crepe at some point (which I have never heard the end of). This was the trip where Ben says he realized he liked me and he was just a mess, stumbling all over, getting goofy and I remember he called me a "princess". Oh, really. At one point, Chris saw the look on my face and took his buddy aside and told him to settle down a little. Ha! Well, just a few months later, Chris was the best man at our wedding. They are dear friends. I remember going to the hospital to see Baby Keira, a few hours old. Then there was the camping trip a few years later when both Christine and I were green at the gills...and about seven months later Jasper and Hannah were born.

They are truly some of the kindest and most generous people I know, opening their home and hearts and time freely. I admire their generosity, the way they walk out their convictions and the way they value each other. They live out their faith clearly. I am glad they are our friends.

They booked two mini sessions which really just turned into one big regular session. The girls were so fun. Keira was her sweet and friendly self and Hannah was monkeying around the whole time. I love those girls.

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These two so value each other. The way they speak of each other is so uplifting and lifegiving. I love that.

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I really just love the next one because it looks so "them".

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Part of the session, we got some good headshots for Chris as he's a blogger and has some other projects up his sleeve. I am convinced that good headshots and portraits are so important on websites and businesses online. Mini sessions are a great chance to get those and I love that Chris took me up on the opportunity. Here are a few favorites.

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Love you guys.

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