There are some seniors that you kind of hold your breath and hope that they do well as they head out from high school. Then there are others that you have every confidence that they will do beautifully. That's Karissa. I have known her for about eight years and she's always been faithful and steady and consistent...a wonderful girl. In the last few years, she's really come into her own and found that she has some abilities in areas that she didn't expect. It's been fun to watch her grow and I am so thrilled for her as she prepares to head into this next phase of her life. I almost made the worst weather call the other day when we got together. It's a dicey business, judging Seattle fall weather and guessing what's going to happen when it seems like the weather changes by the hour. It had been grey and drizzling all morning and I was ready to whip out my calendar to reschedule when I realized that Karissa had already gotten all ready. We decided to just try and get what we could under some of the main street overhangs...and what do you stopped by the time we got there and was perfect for our whole session. Karissa said that she's likes the rain and getting cozy so this weather we had was perfect for her.

I had a great time visiting with her and her mom as we wandered around. They are so fun and easy going. I like fun and easy going :) (especially since I had been up most of the night before photographing a birth).

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She's so pretty. I think she's probably one of those girls that really doesn't get how lovely she is but I'm hoping this look in the mirror will give her a little bit of an idea of what the rest of us see.

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Moby and Karissa had the idea of popping into the bookstore as this girl is a bit of a bookworm. We had fun with the classic graduation book by Dr. Seuss, Oh, the Places You'll Go.

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There's her cute mom. I always make the moms get in a shot too :) .

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We bumped into her sweetheart. I hope that she doesn't let his good looks distract her from her studies this year.

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Loved that she brought along her guitar.

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Karissa, I was so blessed to spend this time with you. Oh, the places you'll go....indeed!