After a few years of feeling like I was pretty much home, strapped to babies (and loving it), I have some great opportunities this year to venture out a bit more (and loving that too).

This upcoming weekend I have been so excited about for a long, long time. I get to go and be a part of my dear friend's, Margaret's, wedding. I know already it will be beautiful and emotional and full of God's redemption.

IMG 8543 copywat2


Then to put a cherry on the top, my best friend is flying down for the weekend too. She has made the dress...breathtaking. We get to pal around and talk for the whole weekend. Usually when we visit we go to each other's homes and have a good visit but there are always lots of other things to do and people around. This will be the first trip we have done together since we took a driving tour of Louisiana plantations before Ruby was born.

Yay! I am ecstatic.

So...if you leave a message, I will get back to you when I return next week.


Here are a few pictures of Ruby I took this week. LOVE this girl. I love closeups.

IMG 8498 copywat

IMG 8513 copywat