Isn't it interesting when a new baby is born, how everyone dissects features? "Oh, she definitely had my lips but her dad's nose."

"From the eyes up, he looks like my side of the family, but from the nose down he looks like his paternal grandfather....poor baby."

My sister has been lamenting that my beauty of a niece looks nothing like her but everything like her husband....though at least she can blame Quinny's little bald head on Dano's side and not take any responsibility on our side of the family....though there is a thinning top or two :).

I am guilty of it too, and since Theo has been born, I have been marveling at how much he looks like Ruby and Jasper as babies. Another pea in the pod. The Kasteel/ van Asselt hairline that my dad, grandmother, great-grandfather all shared. The Washburne eyes that Ben got from his mom. The little chin. The rosy cheeks. Upturned nose. Tymen has the eyes of the others but has always been the wild card.

They are all smitten with him, this baby of ours. Ruby, Jasper and Tymen are constantly singing to, rubbing, kissing, talking to, and loving their brother. It warms the cockles of my heart. Yesterday, we were in the van a mile or two from home and Theo (who doesn't make much of a noise) started to cry. Hungry. All of them started immediately singing and comforting him. Jasper cooed, "It's okay, Little Buddy, Little Mr. Squeaker. You are okay!"

Here are a few of my favorites of the kids with him so far.

IMG 5304 copywat

IMG 5321 copywat

Love that Theo is grinning in the one on the left.

IMG 5650 copywat

IMG 5652 copywat

Poor Jasper had some croup last week and looked at me so sadly with his brown, puppy dog eyes, when he was forbidden from kissing his brother until he got better. He kept telling me that he was better and demonstrated with a weak cough.

IMG 5714 copywat

IMG 5684 copywat

IMG 5665 copywat

Is this the girl that only wanted a sister? She definitely has come to the other side.

IMG 5710 copywat

So I had this idea of how I wanted to photograph my fall baby. I had my parents pick up a box of apples for me at Carpinito's and the day I wanted to use them, I went to get the box out of the garage to find little bite marks in the apples. Mice? Raccoons?

IMG 5372-1

Tymen confessed, " Happer and me bited them." Ah.

IMG 5455 copy edited-1

IMG 5422 copy edited-1

I am going to blow this one up very big as a present to myself.

IMG 5385 copy edited-1

IMG 5456 copy edited-1

So thankful for my little crop of sweetness....and ready to make some applesauce from the fruit with the bite marks.