Two weeks ago, we talked Oma and Opa into coming to hang out with the crazies while Ben and I went with my sister and her husband and our babies for an overnight shopping and eating trip to Bellevue. We had a lovely time being able to have some time to hang out together and the kids had a riot with Oma and Opa. These pictures were taken on Monday morning while Ruby was at school but it is very obvious to me why the kids are so wild about them.

IMG 9110 copy edited-1

Plenty of boys now, after all the years of two daughters and a wife. My dad is so good at getting into their worlds. He literally will roll out and sculpt play-doh for hours with the boys and sits on the floor to build train tracks and amazing buildings. I think they really know how much they are enjoyed by him.

IMG 9121 copy edited-1

Then there's Oma. She dearly loves all of them...but there is a little special love-fest that happens when she and Jasper have some time together.

IMG 9179 copy edited-1


IMG 9187 copy edited-1

Then the boys tackled Oma who laughed like crazy. You can see Theo looking on, taking notes. I love the one on the right of Jasper laying a smooth on Oma. And no, she didn't fall on the floor. I laid down my camera and did a rescue before we got to that point.

IMG 9215 copy edited-1

I won't even try to describe how happy these next shots make me...the boys honking Opa's nose and everyone really, really happy.

IMG 9243 copy edited-1

Thanks for loving our kids, Oma and Opa.