There is no other season in a child's life that goes as quickly as the newborn stage. It is just considered the first three weeks. (If only potty training or two-year-old independence issues would just last three weeks...) The first three weeks are typically very sleepy weeks and are often characterized by wrinkly or peeling skin, limbs still crossed like they were in the womb, little sighs and the most heavenly newborn smell.

I love photographing newborns, love it, love it. That tender time is so fleeting and images of those days are irreplaceable. I always sense the privilege when parents invite me to photograph their brand new treasures.

What a delight it was to photograph little Caleb today, the son of dear friends of ours. I did photos to celebrate his parents anticipating him a couple months ago.

Isn't he the most darling boy?

IMG 4678 copy copy

IMG 4681 copywat

He is such a little man, this one.

IMG 4746 copywat

This is his daddy's hand holding an ornament that his mom saved for him when he was born as a December baby too.

IMG 4720 copywat

He had so much personality and lots of expressions.

IMG 4731 copywat

I think that he IS an angel. What a beautiful child!

IMG 4802 copywat

IMG 4816 copywat

Here is his lovely mama who is over the moon in love with her son.

IMG 4578 copywat

She is stunningly beautiful...this friend of mine.

IMG 4581 copywat

The happy, happy family.

IMG 4652 copywat

Such a big heart this dad has.

IMG 4654 copywat

IMG 4656 copywat

Caleb. Stay little, okay?

IMG 4818 copywat