This morning was one of those mornings that I was longing for naptime from the time breakfast was over. The boys have been a little low on sleep since the time change...going to bed later but waking up at the regular time. They have been grabby and yelling, "Mine!" Tymen unloaded a bunch of dirty dishes from the dishwasher when I wasn't looking. Jasper had and accident. They got mud all over the floor from their muddy boots after I had just washed it.

Sometimes on days like this, it takes naptime to make me fall in love with them all over again. I go in and see those smooth cheeks and soft lashes and feel incredibly grateful that these boys are mine.

I laughed when I saw my son all cuddled up with his buddy. It looks like he fell asleep giving Giraffey his good night kiss.

IMG 8495 copy

And Tymen, completely pooped, and sleeping with his cow. He calls him "Ga-gee"....after all, he needs a giraffey just like his brother. Unfortunately, he has started to chew on his snout just like his older brother.

IMG 8497 copy

Often when our family is having a hard time or is tired, I make everyone say what they are thankful for, and it always helps.

Today I am thankful that Jasper loves to kiss my cheek multiple times when I act like they are giving me an electric shock. I love that he has square little feet. I adore the way he tells me he wants a cuddle, "I wanna be wiff you, Mumma."

Today I am thankful that Tymen climbs on me happily whenever I am on eye level with him. He laughs like crazy when I kiss his belly. He really loves to clean up and basks in the attention I give him for it.

I love my boys and I love naptimes.

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