A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to take engagement pictures of a really great young couple. My cousin's daughter, Naomi, is marrying Jonathan in just under a month and by the way they look at each other...the day can't come fast enough. They're in love and it's wonderful to see. I so enjoyed my time walking around with them, hearing about their plans and what they love to do together. They are genuinely warm and personable which are big qualitites to me. (Dates get flipped around in Canada where it's day.month.year :) )

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Jono was so loving with Naomi, telling her how gorgeous she was (and she was!!) and how much he loved her (and it's pretty obvious!).

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It's clear that Naomi adores him back. A lot. They are a good fit.

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Here Jono pledges to keep Naomi happily caffeinated as long as they both shall live. She accepts. Unfortunately JJ Bean was closed so we went to another favorite spot. They confessed that they both have a thing for coffee. I completely understand.

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She's such a sweet heart (and a real knockout!).

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(Is it quirky that I think the pidgeon absolutely makes the shot below?)

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Both in school, studying hard in their respective fields (when they aren't distracted by each other) :) .

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I thought this set at another local coffee shop was so fun.

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It won't be long now! Jono and Naomi, I'm not sure that you can smile any more on your wedding day than you did the other night! It is such a blessing to see you so happy. God bless you! See you soon!