What a pleasure it was to take some photos of our new nephew, Joshua, and family on our trip to the East Coast. We talked and talked, ate some killer biscuits and gravy (I know Ben actually licked his plate), swam at the pool, and had little girls diving happily through the dress up box.

Jake (Ben's brother) and Meghan actually met through their love of food at a restaurant where they were both chefs. We got a little crazy setting up this tribute to their new son, born into a family where good food is valued. What a sweet little pumpkin he was, sitting in his little copper pot.

IMG 7774 copy1

Then the next series of pictures I adore. It reminds me of how much I love to see the beauty in people as they cherish each other. And I know that they really do....it is more than obvious.

It's been so fun to see Jake as a great uncle, super dad to his daughter and now a proud daddy to his son.

IMG 7672 copy

I love this kiss as Joshua gives a great yawn. It is so good to see little people so wanted.

IMG 7709 copy

Meghan and I laughed and compared notes on the beating pregnancy and the first weeks can take on a mom...stretch marks, complete exhaustion, clothes that don't fit so well. But...she is beautiful and radiant as she loves her little son and daughter. It was fun to see that in the middle of everything, she was so attentive to her little guy and so enjoying him.

IMG 8019 copy

And having parents that value, respect and love each other so completely is a great treasure for any little person.

IMG 8128 copy

Sweet Taylor was running in her three year old circles but stopped several times a day, to call out, "Mommy, I love you! Daddy, I love you!"

IMG 8060 copy

And this one on the bed is one of my very favorites. Family is such a good thing.

IMG 8102 copy

A couple more... of Taylor, giggling about something girly.

IMG 7744 copy

...and of Ruby and Taylor having fun together....

IMG 7916 copy

Here they were cracking up over some local squirrels who were eating the "Pirate's Booty" snack leftover from lunch.

IMG 7911 copy

So thankful for a great trip and a chance to hug and smell and cuddle and bounce this little fellow who will be much bigger the next time we see him. We love you guys!

IMG 7644 copy