When I was pregnant with Ruby, I desperately wanted a boy. Of course, I didn't really tell anyone, and gave the standard response that whatever the baby was would be great. But I really, for some reason, wanted a boy first. On the day I was scheduled to go in for my 20 week ultrasound, I received a phone call that morning telling me that they had overbooked and that I would have to come in the next week. Crestfallen, I wandered around the house and soon felt the Lord speaking to my heart and telling me that He was going to give me boys, but that this baby was a girl and that she would delight my heart.

Am I ever glad that God knows what we need more than we do ourselves, for I love this precious child with everything that's in me (as I love my boys who are gifts too!). When she was born, I wept and felt such a powerful wave of love for that little red, wrinkly, black haired baby. Gone were the longings for a boy first....I had always wanted a girl!

So now, I take a walk in her room intending to take some pictures of the photos that I just framed on her wall and I look at her napping, exhausted from VBS and playing in the pool in the back yard. And she takes my breath away.

IMG 6013 copy

I love this girl...this five year old...this almost kindergartener. Those cheeks which aren't so chubby anymore but are still so soft. The long legs, bruised from all the play outside. The good heart which loves her brothers.

IMG 6016 copy

She is learning so many things and wants to connect it all together and talk it all through. Here is her Bible which we read, Ruby one page, and Mummy the next. The camera which she sets everyone up and sounds very much like me as she does it. Could she have ever been that little six pound peanut in the picture?

IMG 6017 copy

IMG 6018 copy

I love that she considers all her sweet friends, her "best friends". She loves to dress up like a princess but the raccoon costume has seen great use too.

IMG 6034 copy

She decorates with her beads and kitchy little treasures.

IMG 6032 copy

She loves to dress up and when I tell her how beautiful she is, she says, "Well, I wonder what Dad thinks...." and goes off to twirl for him.

She makes me a little crazy sometimes when she wants to talk, talk, talk, instead of follow instructions. But her heart is pure gold, just what makes me love her. I look at the new portraits that I just put up in her room and think she looks so grown up now but I know in just a little while, I will marvel at how young she looks.

IMG 6028 copy

IMG 6020 copy

I am so the kind of mum who wants to get all the chores done and list items checked off before we play, but I am learning to slow down and see and smell and appreciate these precious children.