When we arrived at the cottage at Pt. Roberts where we stayed last week, my sister, Kelly, and her family were there for their last night. We had planned on doing Kelly's maternity shoot but when I arrived she was slogging around in sweats with a messy bun and no makeup. She said she was kind of gross from being at the beach so maybe we should do it later that week. Taking the older sister tone, I told her, "Whatever. We are doing it tonight because the light is perfect. Go take a shower!"

She laughed and asked me if I talk to my other clients that way. Nope, just my baby sister....

After she complied :), we ran over to Grandee and Grandad's cottage where we took some inside shots.

Dang. My sister is a pretty girl. I certainly did not look like this at eight months pregnant.

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IMG 6802 copy edited-1


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Then out we went and joined up with little Quinny and Dano. Truly, the light was gorgeous and my two year old niece was most happy to kiss for treats.

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What little person doesn't love to see her parents loving each other?

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Quinny went in to get spoiled by Grandee and these two could not pull it together. Oh, if only you could hear the conversation...

IMG 7178 copy edited-1

I took about 25 shots of them laughing and laughing and Kelly complaining about "something".

IMG 7227 copy edited-1

Then I finally got them to kiss.

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We can't wait to meet the baby girl tucked up in that tummy. I hope that she and Quinny will adore each other and be as close as Kelly and I are. I love you, sis.