We live three hours away from my family. On the way back and forth there are potty stops to make, Starbucks coffees to buy, snacks to dole out, and sometimes border waits. Then there's the packing to do with extra outfits, diapers, toys, cups and on and on. But when the door flings open and we hear my niece, Quinny, bellow, "COUSINNNNNSSSSS", it makes it worth the effort. I love that our kids are growing up together. I love that Uncle Dano wrestles on the floor with the boys and Auntie Kelly chats with Ruby. They are the best.

Kelly and Dano came down last week with my nieces, Quinn and Livy. As soon as they stepped in the door, we snatched Liv out of her carseat and covered her face with kisses. Oh man, she is perfectly chubby and wonderful. She got passed round with our kids and beamed happily at anyone who looked at her.

On the second day they were here we packed up the gang (except Ruby who was in school) and headed up to the park to wear everyone out. The boys walked Farley around on his leash, we did some swinging, and told them not to throw bark over and over.

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Things started getting hairy and we grabbed a quick group shot before heading off to the donut shop.

14-IMG 6337 copy

We prompted Theo to share with Quinny but when we asked Quinny to share with him, she shook her head and said, "No, this is mine!" Ah, two year olds!

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16-IMG 6365 copy

Then I took a chance in the afternoon to turn on the fireplace, pad the floor with blankets, and document Livy's chubby perfection. Num, num.

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She is such a happy and expressive little thing. What a darling.

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Then I tried to get a few shots of Liv and Quinn. First are the outtakes of sibling shots with a two year old.

Cutting her baby "Yivy" with the cutting foods knife.

27-IMG 6660 copy

The fake kiss.

31-IMG 6755 copy

Wanting to be the star.

32-IMG 6762 copy

Biting her baby's head.

34-IMG 6814 copy

"Yivy" was sad (for 2 seconds, then laughing again).

35-IMG 6822 copy

Ahhh, sisters. I am glad I have mine. I am glad our kids are growing up together!

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