Quinny is a big hit with her cousins (and aunt and uncle!). We love this little cuzzie and her quirky and fun personality. She's got spunk and a great little sense of humor and loves being the center of attention...not unlike her mother :) . It's hard to believe that she is two already and about to become a big sister this summer.

We had just about 10 minutes to take her two year old pictures a few weeks ago and sandwiched this time right before lunch. Not the best timing and my sister was feeling completely sideways with some awful cold she was fighting. Added to that, I had brilliantly brought along our kids and all Quinn wanted to do was play with her cousins. Kel and I were sweating and trying hard and to be honest, had no idea if anything we got would be useable. However, when I started transferring images off my computer at home, I knew we'd scored some great ones which showed exactly her personality at this stage in the game. It's always worth the effort.

We started with the balloons. I just love the color of balloons in images and how little she looks compared to them.

IMG 0373 copy edited-1


IMG 0393 copy edited-1


IMG 0395 copy edited-1

She loves to monkey around and be chased.

IMG 0424 cop1 edited-1


IMG 0468 copy edited-1

She's still working on sitting "like a lady". Ha! Why on earth would her auntie want her to sit when she could be running?

IMG 0504 copy edited-1


IMG 0519 copy edited-1

This girl acts a whole lot like Kelly but she looks exactly like her daddy. We're guessing her baby sister will be much the same. When Kelly shared the 20 week ultrasound picture, Ben said, "Holy cow. That's Dano in utero."

IMG 0546 copyw


IMG 0547 copy edited-1

We all love those yummy golden curls.

IMG 0582 copy edited-1

Then, shock of all shocks, we had a slight two-year-old moment. Of course, we need a few of these for the wedding slideshow, eh?

IMG 0596 copy edited-1

That's Quinn, she's our girl.

IMG 0573 copy edited-1

Auntie loves you!

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