I preach it to my classes and to anyone who will listen to me….get in the pictures, moms and dads! Your kids will never be bummed out that they have too many pictures of you.  I personally want my kids to have lots of pictures of me with them. After church on Mother’s Day we jetted out to a new location that I just scoped out.  I wanted some of them individually, some together and some of me with them.  Ben was happy to oblige me and take a bunch for me (aren’t I lucky?).

Mothering these crazies fills up my heart.  It is hard, hilarious, exhausting, and full of joy.  Ben and I have been shifting our perspective this past year to be more purposeful about growing their hearts and not just managing their behavior.  This takes pruning off extras that could eat up all our family time, making time for conversations and watching how we respond. For us, it means having an eternal perspective on what God wants to do in their lives and hearts.  It’s harder than wiping noses and packing lunches but it is so rewarding to see them flourish.  We still have messy days and difficult choices but those times are part of the big picture too.

They are our treasures. I am so very thankful to be their mama.