Before I met Ben, I felt like I was missing the piece of my heart that only he could fill.  It was a specific place that I didn’t even know how to describe and certainly couldn’t be written in a list.  However, I did know there was some key things that were so important to me in the man that I married.  A heart after the Lord, character, an ability to engage with people, a sense of humor, intelligence.  As we got married and now all these years later, I am seeing how he fits that piece so very well, better than I’d ever imagined.  There was more to him than I’d dared to hope for and in some places the seams between him and I are almost hard to find.

It’s not that he’s perfect or I am (by a long shot!).  We’re growing and choosing and opting to give and grow.  In our first year of marriage we would jump into the car after work, pick up sushi and a carton of ice cream and head to the beach to sit on a blanket and cuddle up…and it was wonderful and fun.  Right now we’re in a season of raising four kiddos and we have lots of time commitments, but our friendship and companionship runs just as deep. These days, more often than not, our time together drinking coffee on the couch is interrupted by Theo somersaulting over us and climbing in the middle  for kisses…..and it’s wonderful and fun too.

He’s forty today and I love him. I love his steadfastness. I love that he chooses me. I love that he humbles himself and gives to others. I love that he fathers our kids and values their hearts like he does. I love that I can trust his heart.

Happy birthday, Ben.  I’m glad that I get to be married to you.

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