I've taught seven Parent Photography Workshops in the last 15 months. I have a few seats open for my next one on June 1, more information HERE. This will be the last one until the fall. I've enjoyed it enormously and seeing the lights go on for parents has been so very rewarding. From seeing some of the practical things like how good lighting makes all the difference, to being encouraged to document daily life, to understanding what those settings mean after years of owning a d-slr and only using auto....these parents are putting their skills to work. I have a Parent Photography Growth Group on Facebook for those who have been to one of my classes where I answer questions, people post pictures and I add tutorials that I find which may be helpful. I've been seeing some of the parents really wanting to take their photography to the next level and several of them asked about a "part 2". I thought about it a while and decided to do a "Shooting in Manual" class for those who wanted to really have the most technical and creative control of their cameras. I ended up with a most wonderful little class. I wanted to keep the class small so that we could interact a bunch and travel around together to shoot. We did an hour of class instruction where I showed them the kinds of shots that they could get with manual, which they would struggle with using any other settings. Then we broke down how to get there. After that, we all hopped in my cool minivan and did some shooting for the next several hours in harder conditions. The time went so quickly! We ran through several types of shots in several kinds of settings and they were getting it. It was pretty exciting for me. Our model was a sweet girl named Jocelyn who did whatever we asked for about three and a half hours. Kudos to her! If I was in her place, my smile would have been cheesy in ten minutes but she was engaging and warm the whole time. This group was so encouraging and helpful to each other. It really felt like a fun girlfriends' day out, complete at the end with a nice lunch at a great little Italian spot.

I couldn't have been more pleased with how it went. Here are a few shots that I got of Jocelyn before I scooted out of the way to let the other girls in.



17-manual class day








18-manual class day1





11-20130420-IMG 4619

13-20130420-IMG 4579

14-20130420-IMG 4694

15-20130420-IMG 4422