I remember meeting Carmen at the park by our house. I was there with my big, pregnant tummy, pushing my kids on the swings and trying to cheer myself up after being on bed rest with Theo for a month...and then having him hang out and not come. Carmen was pushing her kids on the swings too and started chatting with me about when I was due. She was friendly and lent a sympathetic ear to my complaining and then the more we visited, we realized we were in the same Mops (Mothers of Preschoolers) group at church. I just hadn't been there since the first meeting because of being cabin bound with contractions. What a sweetheart. I left, completely cheered up. She was even part of the mom brigade that sent a meal post baby and I've loved every opportunity I have had to spend time with her. She's a generous, friendly person. She's also brilliantly running her little business, Carmen's Cake Creations. These are the wonderful cakes she made for Theo's birthday....a baby owl cake for him to devour and a big cake for the family to dive into. Aren't they the cutest things?

IMG 6299

I was so looking forward to doing their family session and we ended up with the loveliest sunshine. I knew Carmen was wanting the sweet light for her photos and while it certainly isn't always available in November, this late afternoon was gorgeous! It was so fun to spend time with their family. She and Josh were so fun and engaging with their littles and Trenton and Natalie had loads of personality....love that! We walked around at the park on Ruston Way and I am so pleased with how their images turned out.

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When together, I always do a mix of more set up and then more candid shots. Often it's the casual stuff that I love the most because they show clearly the connections in real life.

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What a muppet!

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We finished off by mucking around a bit on the beach.

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Thanks for a golden afternoon, Carmen and Josh!