I knew that January would be a slow month. Fall colors past...Christmas pictures completed. Besides that, winter is definitely trickier for a natural light photographer with darker weather and earlier sunsets. Because of this I planned to get some projects tackled this month. Catching up on my own photo albums has been one of them. The other has been a painting overhaul before we get the new carpet that we have saved for a long time to be able to purchase. My dad is a carpet store guy (for another few months before he happily retires to play with grandkids as his full time job) and he has been stomping on my carpet and shaking his head for a few years now.

So paint we have been doing! First we hired a fabulous painter who did our ceilings, doors, and enamel work. About the time that we took off the doors, I noticed the boys grabbing at things in the closets that they hadn't seen in a while, helping themselves to snacks in the doorless pantry, and lunging for tools like the drills. I called 1-800-Oma to see if she might like a couple of boys for a few days.

She happily complied and the boys went to Oma and Opa's to eat goodies, play in the park and stomp in puddles. While they were gone, I painted like crazy, trying to take advantage of the time that no little fingers would be reaching into the paint buckets. I think I clocked 45 hours in four days.

Last night I hit the wall. I was exhausted and my muscles were sore. I felt like I would give myself a charlie horse if I moved too fast. Oma and Opa kindly drove the boys home so I wouldn't have to make the trip.

So today we pulled the house together...laundry...trip to Trader Joe's to fill up the pantry. And I gave myself a treat...a little photo session of the boys.

Last January I took these:

I can't believe how LITTLE they look.

IMG 3728 copywat

I LOVE the little rubbed off spot of hair on the back of Tymen's baby head.

IMG 3893 copywat

So I filled up the tub in our bathroom which has a big window that lets in gorgeous light and tossed in the boys for another round.

Here's the backs of those little heads again.

IMG 5213 copywat

We poured in the bubble bath, put in some toys and had a great time.

This boy is a motorboat and has been known to soak many a bathroom floor. He has just started saying, "Kay", like "Okay". So I say, "Tymen, no big splashes!" He says, "Kay" and then does it anyway.

IMG 5147 copywat

Still sticking out his tongue.

IMG 5152 copywat

How I love these boys. I sure missed them while they were gone.

IMG 5176 copywat

The other day we were rushing out the door and Jasper turned around and looked at me and said, "Mum, you're my sunshine, Mum." He loves to kiss me too. Repeatedly. Is there anything quite as sweet as unsolicited affection from your children?

IMG 5178 copywat

Little piggies poking out of the water.

IMG 5187 copywat

They sure can laugh together.

IMG 5247 copywat

Uh-oh, soap in someone's eye. Mummy reaches for the towel while holding her camera in one hand and perching on the side of the tub.

IMG 5154 copywat

All better and laughing again.

IMG 5248 copywat

Chubby bums are fair game for a photograph in my house....little chubby bums that is.

IMG 5279 copywat

I was soaking wet up to the knees of my jeans by the end and there were bubbles everywhere but I felt so refreshed when it was done. I needed that. I need to take pictures.