I was a wee bit nervous about having a boy. I already had Ruby and felt like I was in the groove of having a girl. I grew up with a sister and was very familiar with what that meant.

Now I was having a boy and I wasn't quite sure that I would know what to do with him. And then Jasper Benjamin was born and I found that he was already planted deeply in my heart.

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I LOVE this boy. I love him.

I have discovered that there is something special for a mom to have a son. It's different than having a daughter. Both are wonderful. But it's different.

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This son of mine loves to cuddle and kiss. I will be sitting on the couch and he will say, "I jus' wanna lay wif ya, mum." Then he'll turn his head and plant a few wet ones on my cheek.

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He tells me that I am his sunshine and he gives me great big grins.

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He grins and bats his eyes at strangers, especially pretty girls. He loves the attention.

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He likes to "bake cookies", have room time with all his toys by himself, and muck around with bubbles in the back yard.

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He has a laugh that makes me believe that there is much that is good and right in my world. And he has cheeks that I smooch hundreds of times a day. Maybe thousands.

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He is a tease and from the time he was a little baby, he would mess around with us. Ben and I would look at each other incredulously and wonder if our little guy was yanking our chains.

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Oma and Opa came along on this photo session to celebrate Jasper's 3rd birthday. He calls Oma his "Sweetie Oma" and he loves to roll around on the floor and play with Opa. Do you see the same hairline on my boy as my dad? Those are some crazy genetics....the van Asselt hairline.

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With his bff, Giraffey, and two other people that love him like crazy.

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We treasure our son. Happy birthday, Jeppy.