I'll never forget when we told Ruby that our last baby was going to be a boy. She'd had her heart absolutely set on having a sister, even before I was pregnant. She'd talked about it and it came up in conversation a lot. Crushed doesn't even come close to describing her sobbing little heart when she heard the news. Ben had gone home to the kids after our ultrasound and I had to wait for another appointment so I was killing time at University Village, wandering around Hanna Anderson and grieving all the little girl dresses I wasn't going to be buying. I called her outside by the beautiful planters and when I heard her so upset I had tears running down my face too.

I said to her, "Well, do you think you and I are going to make it as the only girls in this house full of boys?"

"No," came her very small voice.

I was a wreck when I got off that call and headed over to Anthropologie to buy us both girly mugs. I wondered how we'd get over the disappointment.

Well, almost two years from that date of the ultrasound, we are both wildly in love with that little boy. Ruby and Theo are absolutely nuts about each other and have a super special thing going on.

The other day I just laid on the couch with my camera and snapped away while they played and cuddled.

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Theo will always be a reminder to me that God knows way, way better than we do what we need, and that His plans are exceedingly abundantly above all we ask or desire.

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