He's a monkey, this boy, and I wouldn't have him any other way. He makes a lot of messes but he cheerfully cleans them up. He bosses the baby but he giggles at Theo and croons to him. He squirrels away treats but he is impeccably honest when questioned about it. He gets a little wild but his happy laugh delights me. He kisses me and kisses me and kisses me when given the opportunity. He tells me that I'm beautiful about a dozen times a day and I never get tired of hearing it. When I tell him he's the boy I've always wanted, he tells me I'm the mom he always wanted.

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He builds tall towers. He likes silly books. He is a friendly little guy and often greets people in stores and restaurants. He likes to cuddle, especially after naptimes. He is a skinny little dude, even though he eats a lot. He does puzzles. He loves to go on errands. He licks the dip straight off his plate if we are not looking. He likes it when we chase him up the stairs and pinch his bum. He gets into stuff. He loves babies.

He's four today. He's been wanting to be four for a long time, yearning to keep up with Jasper. Soon he'll be wanting to be five. I'll be wanting him to stay little, even while I am pleased to see him grow and learn. I love him.

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He fills a huge part of my heart and I am glad that God has given him to us to be a part of our family and to watch him grow. He is a gift to us.

Happy birthday, Tymen.

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