My little girl is growing up. She's turning six. She's making that shift from soft, goofy preschooler to leggy, clever little girl. I will always be a sentimental mum who is in absolutely no hurry for her kids to grow, and who cherishes these times immensely. However, I am really enjoying this new season of Ruby not just being my little girl that I am caring for, but being a little companion.

She loves dates. She chats and asks questions. She exchanges looks and grins with me when the boys do something cute. I adore this child.

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Sweet painted toes. Ladybug earrings.

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She is artsy. She reads thick chapter books. She dawdles. She helps with the boys. She has daily ideas of what to craft out of recycled materials. She loves a good laugh. She is a lefty like me. She cares when people are hurting. She has a strong justice streak. She loves to be pretty and especially loves it when someone notices and compliments her.

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We were sitting in the office the other night together, Ruby crafting away at her table while I worked on a project. She started this conversation.

R: Have you ever dreamed that you fell in love with a stranger?

Me: No, I don't think so. Have you?

R: I have. His name was King Stephan. He was tall and handsome and loved princesses....just like me.

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I am so very glad we have a six-year-old Princess Ruby. If King Stephan wants to marry her one day, he better be one spectacular guy. And be ready to have some intense interrogations with her parents.

Happy birthday, Ruby Love.