Twelve months ago I cuddled my sleeping newborn baby boy who still had that fresh smell up on our chair. His skin was buttery soft and I loved the way he tucked his legs up under his belly. IMG 5797 copymonth

Month by month I have put Theo on the chair. The room and chair looks slightly different each month due to the time of day and the kind of light I was getting through the window.

IMG 7089 onemo copy

IMG 1199 cop1

IMG 4142 copy

IMG 7638 copywat

IMG 1458 copy edited-1

IMG 6682 copy

IMG 1639 copy

IMG 0780 copywat

IMG 1871 copywat1 edited-1

IMG 0643 copy1

IMG 7803 cop

IMG 9288 copy

When I put him on that chair at four days I was head over heels in love with my beautiful new son. Twelve months later, I am every bit as madly in love with his happy disposition, quirky little ways, and big heart. This boy is such a gift to our whole family.

I snap the shutter of my camera often, very often. I don’t regret a single shot that I have taken. Every month, every day is a gift and I am thankful that I have documented this year with great photos of my boy and my sweet family. Are there any moments I’ve missed? Of course. Are there any I’ve deleted? Indeed, plenty. However, I know how much I value having portraits because as wonderful as the days are ahead, I'll never get these days back. Oh boo, sentimental mummy tears up!

I’ll have more of Theo’s one year portraits and family birthday party pictures up soon. October has been a wee bit busy for me. I do appreciate all the lovely people who are being so patient at waiting for peeks on the blog and then your disks. I am working hard to stay on top of things.

Thank you for all your kindness to our family….your warm comments…your celebrating our kids with us. What an amazing little connecting point this blog is for me and I so appreciate all of you that care enough to pop by once in a while and for my mom and dad, along with Janis and Jan who come by every time I do anything here.