The house is quiet. The boys are curled up with their respective Cowie and Giraffey. I am indulging in an iced coffee and my second piece of boterkoek (Dutch for "buttercake"...calorie free, I assure you). And Ruby is in school!

What a week it's been! Who would have thought that I would have such flimsy nerves. I must say, the support from all kinds of moms has been such a salve to me. I so appreciate you all!

Well, Tuesday night was the big "open house" where we were to bring in school supplies, find our class, and meet the teacher. Someone did not think this through very well for half day kindergarten...around 50 kids, their parents, siblings, strollers and a few grandparents all shoved in one tiny class. I was getting nervous and Ruby was clinging to my leg as I tried to navigate through the room and exchanged panicked looks with other moms. Later, one friend told me she went straight home and googled local private schools. Ruby and I escaped to Starbucks.

Yesterday's orientation was better, though a little boring for the kids who just fidgeted around on their chairs.

But today was the day! We had a pretty easy playing in the back yard while I got some cooking done...blocks...stories. After lunch, things got a little hairy as I was cleaning up and issuing commands to help us get out the door. Ruby decided to heft Jasper onto the big potty and I heard her bossing him through the process that he knows pretty well by now. We didn't know where the backpack was. Then Tymen came strolling into the kitchen, casually gnawing on the potty seat insert for boys...oh, joy! That boy is going to have an immune system of steel!

Rush out the door for the first day pictures by the front door.

IMG 2010 copy

Someone's mom left a little to be desired with hairstyling.

IMG 2012 copy

She was one happy clam, giggling and running in circles on our walk to school.

IMG 2019 copy

Just outside the new school. Good thing I insisted on wearing shorts underneath...still working on sitting like a lady.

IMG 2024 copy


We arrived and she took a peek in the door, reporting on two kids in the hallway.

IMG 2025 copy

I know, I know. The poor child looks terrified.

IMG 2029 copy


IMG 2027 copy

Off to the lineup, where, within 2-3 seconds she had struck up a conversation with the girl standing next to her...asked her what her name was....showed off her new backpack. My poor introverted wallflower.

IMG 2036 copy

Her teacher arrived.

IMG 2041 copy

They were given instructions about walking in. "If you think, you might have trouble not touching the walls, give yourself a big hug." "We can't talk on the way in. Pretend there is a bubble in your mouth."

The cameras snapped, several of us moms wiped away a few tears, and off they went. Of course, Ruby forgot about the bubble in her mouth and went chit chatting inside.

IMG 2045 copy

How I love that girl.