Four-year-olds with great personality are right up my alley. I was so happy when Luke brought his parents for one of my mini sessions this past Saturday. The last time I photographed their family was HERE. He was just two then and now Luke is a manly four. He was funny and quirky and fell for all of my goofy little comments helped me to get some great shots of him and his family.

They have been a busy bunch with mom finishing school and getting ready to take her State Board exams...go, Jeanna! It's been wonderful to see her meet her goals. I was especially touched a bit ago when she was talking about how much her husband has quietly backed her and covered so much for her and their family to help make this dream come true. That's love. The connection between the three of them is very genuine.

IMG 7190 copy edited-1


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Hello, smiley boy!

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Thanks for spending this time with me during this crazy last week before your exam, Jeanna. I know you will pass with flying colors, especially with your men on your side.