There is no-one quite like grandparents who have a grasp on how quickly time goes and how little ones change. That's why Grandee and Grandad have been giving these gifts of a photo session for new babies in their family. I got to meet Abbey last fall. Then the next baby was my niece, Quinn, who has been featured on my blog quite a bit since she came along in May. Then I started hearing about Mike and Katie who were having number three. Ezra arrived a month before my Theo and so I was unable to do newborn pictures with him. However, being able to do his pictures at three months turned out to be an absolute treat as this little guy has quite a personality. I enjoyed him immensely. He has these big, expressive eyes and is always making eye contact and he grins constantly. It's no wonder with all the love and attention that is lavished on him. When I arrived at his home, his big sister ran me right over to her little brother to show him off.

Here's is little Ezzie under the Christmas tree.

IMG 0084 copy edited-1

Big brother Ben and big sister Adelaide. Yep, they make cute kids.

IMG 0093 copy edited-1

Could he have bigger, browner eyes? I think not.

IMG 0108 copy edited-1

Then we had to play around with all my hats.

IMG 0128 copy edited-1

This chunky monkey takes the cake. He is a lovely roly poly fellow.

IMG 0137 copy edited-1

Confession: I simply could not resist squeezing this chubby bum. I couldn't help myself :) .

IMG 0163 copy edited-1

What a face. LOVE this one, especially because he wasn't the least bit fussy the whole time I was there, even being overdue for a nap.

IMG 0228 copywat

An angel baby for sure.

IMG 0206 copy edited-1

I always love that mummy baby adoration and Katie is one affectionate and warm mum. I loved talking with her about his arrival.

IMG 0255 copy edited-1

Good job feeding this baby, Mom!

IMG 0294 copywat

Is there anything better than a big, slobbery baby kiss? Nope.

IMG 0277 copy edited-1

IMG 0303 copy edited-1

Then Mike and the kids piled on the bed.

IMG 0328 copywat

IMG 0317 copywat

Tickle time!

IMG 0367 copywat

IMG 0354 copywa1t

I'd say there is more than a little similarity between these siblings. They are a super sweet bunch.

IMG 0370 copywat1

Great gift, Grandee. I know you are proud of your whole family!

IMG 0405 copy