He's a great gift giver. At Christmas, his wife told me that he had delivered a gift to her on each of the Twelve Days of Christmas. And a full month and a half before Mother's Day, he contacted me about doing a special gift for her again. He knew that often when she came to our house, Denise would look at and comment on the canvas headshots that I have up of our kids. And he wanted to give her some canvas prints of their own three treasures.

I was happy to be in on the secret mission, sneaking over one afternoon, while their nanny and dear friend, Andrea, was with the kids. When I arrived, the kids were messing around in the backyard, mixing red sidewalk chalk in water, creating "pirate's blood". They didn't really think twice about it when Andrea put them in clean shirts and we took turns getting their happy images.

Sweet Kiana.

IMG 1368 copy edited-2


IMG 1388 copy edited-2

And Malakai.

IMG 1409 copy edited-2

We then played around a bit more in the backyard.

IMG 1435 copy edited-1

IMG 1443 copy edited-1

But then Malakai had enough of sitting. This guy needed to move.

IMG 1453 copy edited-1

Lest I be associated as the "lady-who-causes-pain" I asked Andrea if they had any treats in the house so I could be associated as the "lady-who-gives-sugar". Andrea brought out some freshly baked cookies.

IMG 1458 copy edited-1

IMG 1485 copy edited-1

IMG 1467 copy edited-1

When I left, Malakai gave me a high five. Mission accomplished.

And am I spilling the beans about this gift by posting this before Mother's Day? I had prepared this post to run right after the weekend but I got this email from Eric this morning after ordering the canvases and handing them off on Monday afternoon:

Just couldn't wait for mothers day to give to Denise. Kiana helped me wrap on Monday night and wanted to give to mommy right away. Andrea was home so after dinner it was perfect family time.

Denise totally cried and Andrea and I smiled. It was awesome. Thanks so much for making it all happen. It might need to become an annual event. Denise wanted to hang them in the kitchen so she could see them often. They look great!!

IMG 2137 copy

That makes me happy. Happy Mother's Day, Denise!

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