In this world of legos, firetruck rubber boots and sword fighting (when one of the boys is always crying over getting clocked over the head)....I am definitely glad that I have a girlie too. Craft stores, novels, curling hair and American Girl movies. One of the things that Ruby and I have done for the last several years is have a Mother Daughter Valentine party. It's a time of year where I particularly feel like we need some pink and sugar and I yearn for the girl time. This year we had a load of girls and a bunch of mamas who were just as eager as I was to down some iced coffee and chat. It's kind of a mixed group of friends we've known forever, friends from church, friends from school and it always blesses me to see everyone mix and mingle. We are very, very thankful for friendships and community. This year we had a pedicure and manicure station, manned by our lovely teenage friends, Kaia and Jessa, who always come with their mom to load me up with treats and help out. They glittered up fingers and toes. We did a Two Truths and Lie game and giggled as the girls kept very straight faces as they shared their creativity. However, poor Isabelle just couldn't fool us when she said, "We both love mushrooms!" and then dissolved into crazy laughs. We played a lipstick game where the blindfolded moms had to apply gloss or lipstick to the girls. Ben was upstairs with the boys and could hear the wild shrieks. Then cardmaking and cooking decorating to work up an appetite for snacks which were cookies, crackers and cheese, and fruit.

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The mamas wrote love notes to the girls.

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Our amazing helpers who had everything cleaned right up for me by the end of the night. I told them they are invited to every party I ever throw...ever!

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I know what Susanne is talking about with 95% certainty...the virtues of Norwex!

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And then it tickled me to go in the other room and see the daughters of those moms entertwined and laughing on the couch together.

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Thanks for the fun and friendship....time with you girls was just what we needed!

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