September 30 in the last 15 minutes before sunset....nothing like the last minute for our September portraits of the kiddos. We had made homemade pizzas and were about to watch the Muppet Movie (for the ump-teenth time) but I grabbed a hairbrush, did a little lick-and-spit-clean-my-kids'-faces action and we bombed up to the top of the hill for our pictures. IMG 7673 copy edited-1

IMG 7595 copy

IMG 7644 copy

IMG 7686 copy

I love them.

I've got a lot stirring around in my heart about our family and what we are doing but I am not quite ready to write about it all. Ben and I are talking again about what we value with our time and our children and our relationships. We're getting a bit re-aligned because doing every activity and trip in the book isn't going to create in our children the hearts that we want to see them have. Last night the boys were off at soccer practice and Ruby and I had some quiet. As I was putting dishes away, I asked a simple question and a huge conversation came out of it. It was because we had time. I want to hear them and not be so rushing around with all of our family's schedule that I miss this stuff. Anyway, more later :).

Thanks for looking. Thanks to all of you who are so kind to our children. From teachers to friends to family, we feel the care of our children deeply.

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