I'm definitely not the most creative mama on the block when it comes to Halloween/ Harvest Festival costumes. Usually, we dig deep in the dress up box and see what we can come up with that basically works together. For years I leaned heavily on the bee costume and I think all the kids got a year or two out of it...talk about bang for your Target buck!

These monthly portraits are of the kids dressed in all their glory.

The cowboy. Had to be fast with this little whipper snapper. I promised him cheese and it worked for about ten shots.

6-IMG 5192 copy


The dragon who was loving his spikes and did a little ninja-dragon dance for the camera.

4-IMG 5069 copy


The giraffe...who started as a Tigger and then wanted to be a soldier and then finally settled on being a giraffe for the third year in a row. After all, he is a giraffe in his soul after loving his Giraffey for his whole life.

3-IMG 4934 copy


The scuba diver...the one outfit that we did work on a bit this year. Daddy and Ruby made the oxygen tanks and they even lit up. Pretty cool. Less cool was walking in flippers all night but she worked it.

8-IMG 5336 copy


And.....the whole gang together...booyah!

1-IMG 5424 copy

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