I remember hearing all the time when my sister and I were little, "They're growing like weeds!" I had no idea what that really meant but now that I have my own little weeds who are sprouting literally before my eyes, it makes perfect sense.

We just got back from Shutterfly our 2011 family album (I'll be posting soon how I do this) and I've been reading through the pages and looking at pictures with the kids. It's astonishing to me how much change has happened in the last year. The things that didn't seem like such a big deal just a few months ago, I am glad are documented.

I decided to do all our May monthly portraits in black and white, just because :).


This pictures was taken on her birthday photo shoot. My girl loves to do the cross eyed thing and was spinning her arm in a cuckoo motion. When I was her age, I was painfully shy in a group but she just adores being the center of things and making everyone laugh. We've had more than a few conversations about when it is appropriate to be silly...and when it's not. (I'm fully blaming Ben for any inappropriate behavior genes). I am looking forward to having her home all summer long: crafting, playing with friends, reading, leading the boys in whatever she dreams up.

IMG 7226 copyw


I remember filling up our car with gas when he was just a few months old and coming back into the car and seeing him absolutely hysterically laughing at the faces Ruby was making. This boy loves to laugh and be silly. He is a good little jokester and likes to mess around with song lyrics and make them funnier.

IMG 4228 copyw

Tymen is one affectionate little boy. He hugs, he kisses, he cuddles and I love it. The other day I had everyone tucked in bed and was puttering around getting a few things done when I heard his voice. "Mama, can I have another kiss and a hug?" He plastered my face with smooches and clung to me like a monkey. Baby, you can have all the kisses and hugs you want.

IMG 6897 copyw


He's officially learned to pucker up and kiss, not just lean his head in for love. This morning he made a fussy face and made a complaining noise at me for not letting him dig in the pantry and I said, "No, you don't talk to mummy that way." He immediately changed his face and leaned in to kiss me. Ahhhhh. He must be on another growth spurt (is it possible??) because he's been eating us all under the table. Last night for dinner he had a banana, salad, grapes, pasta, and four golf ball sized meatballs. Man.

IMG 6932 copyw