Her hair is often in her face and she goes between looking like a messy seven-year-old and then I get glimpses of her beautiful face and what she'll look like at twenty. She's definitely the queen bee in our house, directing the boys. This morning before Jasper was given her art supplies to make a picture, she made him wait while they "brainstormed" and she wrote a list for him of picture ideas.

I love it when she laughs.

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He's working hard this month at having good behavior since I told him that Oma and Opa can only have him for his visit alone this summer if he can obey. Powerful incentive. "What can I do for you, Mama?" he chirps. He's pretty proud to be five now and all of a sudden he's looking tall to me.

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This little monkey is yearning to grow up like the big kids. He is chomping at the bit to go to preschool and loves the chance to take care of little kids. I love that he is a monkey not just in his behavior but he also clings onto us like a velcro monkey when he gets a cuddle.

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He's a dandelion head. He's been trailing after his brothers and sister, trying to do what they are doing from riding bikes to doing play-doh. He puckers up for smooches now and I can hardly wash the floor because he comes running at me with his arms wide open and big grin on his face, looking for some love.

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