Theo is charming us all and making us laugh. He's blowing kisses and saying, "Ma-maaaaa" for "Yes, Mum", usually after he's been corrected for yelling angrily for more food. We laughed when we identified the other day that Theo has the perfect "maniacal laugh" from The Muppets when he sees food coming his way. He had the waitress at a restaurant laughing and laughing last night at his wild shrieks. He's been marching around in his green crocs, playing in the backyard and sneaking strawberries regularly.

I have to be quick getting pictures with this one. My window of opportunity is pretty short. Sure enough, I got a quick shot of his grinny face.

IMG 9124 copy edited-1

Then he immediately put up his hand in the "all done" sign and when I didn't move fast enough, he grumped out on me.

IMG 9114 copy edited-1

For the "big kids" I thought this would be a good month to document their self portraits and how they write their names. Tymen is just doing a "T" and I love his bodies. Pretty much his legs are this long and skinny!

He's surprised me this month with how much he has actually gleaned, sitting to the side while I've worked with Jasper on reading his Bob books. I didn't realize it but he's learned his letters and many of his letter sounds. He's thrilled to be having his own Bob book time with mummy now. This boy just loves being a helper and was so delighted with our date to get gyros at the Supermall this month, that he thanked me at least half a dozen times.

IMG 9195 copy edited-1


IMG 9189 copy edited-1

Jasper. Eeek. I just love this portrait and his big google eyes. I've been noticing this month again how he just adores little babies and little girls. He is a softie and wants to take care of the little guys. He's been tickling my funny bone with his great sense of humour too. I've been starting to sing a silly song lyric and then I pause and he finishes the song with funny little quips.

IMG 9168 copy edited-1


IMG 9134 copy edited-1


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Ruby had a great finish to second grade. She got to participate in the second grade spelling bee and finished soccer too. She's been loving the free time since school ended and more often than not ends up crafting at her desk or buried in the pillows on the couch with a book. It's nice to have her around some more.

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Ruby made a summer goal list the other day and we brainstormed together while we were driving: swimming lessons, new playgrounds, Pt. Roberts beach trip, California, baking with friends, playing in the slip and slide, drawing, doing art, painting, biking, picnic lunches, family beach nights, berry picking. Her list went on and on and I am happy to do it all with them this summer, so long as we all get a rest time at some point during the day and that iced coffee for mummy is a part of each and every day. There is something so satisfying about physically tired kids who are completely worn out from playing.