Ruby has spent the month of August pounding through stacks of library books. She just loves discovering new authors, though she'd take out all of the Captain Underpants books if I'd let her. I limit it to one per trip :). She's been digging through the recycle bin, creating crafts and projects. She's been a great help to me with just keeping the family cared for and has become quite an expert on the vacuum. I feel like it's been good to have all this playtime are a variety of activities each day but I am looking forward to a bit more of a schedule with her this fall and some more time just to read together, and talk. She's always thinking of things and springing up with new ideas and I want to listen.

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Jasper has become quite an artist. Somehow giving him his own desk space has opened up the world for him. Today he took apart a cardboard box and created it into a bed for his imaginary dog, Max (who's also a bit high maintenance!). He drew blankets and made him bones and treats and balls. He's been coloring and drawing away. He is so very excited about kindergarten tomorrow and when we went to drop off his school supplies last week he told me he wanted to dance in the door. I feel like he's just taking that step that takes him from little preschool boy to little elementary boy and it makes my heart excited and hurt all at the same time.

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Tymen has been laying one on me every chance he gets. He tells he most days when he feels it's "kissy time". He just craves affection and smiles like a happy little clam from ear to ear when we slather him with it. He's so ready to have his preschool class and I know he will take to it like a duck to water. He is a tender hearted boy.

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Theo is our big lump of butter. He's into everything. He grabs and unloads and putters around with all kinds of stuff and we just love him. He's been cuddling and leaning in to kiss is and hug us all the time and that little chipmunky smile makes me so happy. He's really not saying much but tracking along with what we're saying really well. I told Ben today that I don't mind him not talking yet because it makes him seem more like a baby. He laughed at me and hefted up his 33 pounds. Baby, indeed :) .

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