When we were house hunting we opted for more house in a community that has lots of lovely parks but we pretty much have a postage stamp yard. In the front of our home by the garage is a miniature maple that the boys love to climb. The branches are manageable and though it isn't a huge oak tree in a sprawling acreage, they are more than happy to monkey around in there. One day they will be fifteen and sixteen and will not be interested in climbing that tree but for now climbing and hiding and trying to throw leaves at their mummy is a big adventure.

I love having boys.

IMG 7802 copy


IMG 7807 copy1


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IMG 7930 copy


I so love the next one. Dirty pants, skinny legs and toes curled around the branches.

IMG 7955 copy


IMG 7956 copy


This beautiful fall we're having is making me happy. I am loving being outside in the crisp air, crunching along on the leaves, racing with my superheroes.