Chances are if you have ever "liked" one of the photos that I post on my photography Facebook page, you are in good company. I often smile to myself, when minutes after I post a picture, Janis "likes" it.

That's the way she is. She's one of those people that is encouraging, warm, sunshiny and draws people like bees to honey. In times when it seems like complaints are thick, Janis is the person that is thankful and speaking in a life-giving way.

She dearly loves her kids, Naomi and Seth, and I love the way that they love her back. She'd be the first one to say she's not been perfect, but she has learned to trust the Lord in a very deep and very true way.

She was one of the first ones that jumped on the opportunity for a mini session in Texas as she wanted some good pictures of her with her kids. A while back I was beating the drum to moms to "hand the camera off and get in some pictures with your kids!!!!" She echoed that and added that being the one behind the camera at events for years, she recently realized that she was in very few. So I LOVE that she values her relationships with her kids enough to document them this way.

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I can't tell you how many times I photograph young women, and think: does she have any real idea how beautiful she is?

Naomi is one of those girls...and I hope she does.

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I like Seth.

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Naomi, I want your shoes. Seriously. Except my feet are much bigger than yours :) . I guess I'll just admire them on you.

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I laughed yesterday when I read on Janis' facebook page a note from Naomi. (My mom) is an angel. She is coming over with Dr pepper to help her poor cleaning impaired daughter clean up some. How sweet is she? Best mom ever award!

She's that kind of sweet and I think her favorite reward is getting to spend time with her two favorite people.