I just heard that it was the fifth wettest October on record in the area.  Once the rain has come, it’s hit hard, which has meant some rescheduling.  It sure is always worth it when we get a day like this right after.

I always love meeting up with Meghan.  She is so easygoing and fun to visit with. Her girls are  a breeze to photograph too and Maebry was grinning and laughing the whole time.  It was officially Miller’s mid-year session in her Baby’s First Year package and Meghan had purposefully waited until she was able to sit, so we were able to shoot her sitting between their legs, like we did at Maebry’s mid year session.  Miller is a honey of a baby with a sweet countenance and great personality.  Meghan says she’s lucky to end up with two girls like them, but I believe the love she’s poured into them is pretty evident.

A while back Meghan mentioned on Facebook that one of her favorite things to do at night was to look at pictures of her girls….and now she has a bunch more photos of her sweethearts to add to that collection!  Thank you for a great afternoon.

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At the end we popped down to the pumpkin patch a couple miles down the road for a few pictures in their costumes.27-MillerMidYear-7228-MillerMidYear-7629-MillerMidYear-7830-MillerMidYear-8231-MillerMidYear-86