I bet if I went back and looked at every blog post and photo that I have ever posted online that Margo, Ben's aunt, has had something nice to say about almost every one. Besides my mum, who stalks everything I do, I think Margo is probably my biggest cheerleader. ( I do have a few other lovelies who I can always count on for their kind support...thanks, girls!).

When we were in California a couple weeks back, Auntie Margo and Uncle Jesse came out to see us and brought two of their girls, Caitlin (who also has lots of nice things to say about pictures and things in general) and Melody who just graduated from high school. We threw Ben's sister, Meghan, into the mix and had some fun.

IMG 4308 copy12

An extra chocolate chip for Jasper who gave it all for the obligatory group shot!

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IMG 4588 cop1y

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IMG 4460 copy edited-1

In honor of Melody's recent graduation we did a mini session with this pretty cousin. Hats off to this sweetheart who was a great sport, even on a chilly and foggy morning at the beach. She peeled off her sweater between spots and drank down some hot chocolate that her mom, Caitlin and Meghan were carrying around for her. Ah, girltime. It was fun to do it together.

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Funny girl :) .

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Happy graduation, Melody! It was so fun to spend this time with you and the family :).