We did a fun "gender reveal" at their family mini session in the fall which was super fun to do. I was very excited to take a few more pictures of Melissa to document how beautiful she is at the end of her pregnancy. We laughed a bit because I think pregnant moms feel like they often look like they feel, which is big and slightly uncomfortable. I love it when moms are willing to get in front of the camera anyway and I think they are often surprised and happy to have some good images of a narrow and special window of time where they are growing a little person.

I had completely pictured in my mind maternity pictures at sunset at the park at the top of our hill. I was slightly disappointed when the fog didn't burn off but we decided to go for it. Am I ever thrilled that we did! I just love how the fog and frosty branches gave such a dreamy feel to these images. In fact, I was shrieking as I snapped away, then running over and making Melissa look at the back of my camera. She was so fun and game to try anything and I am very pleased with what we got.

A very beautiful mom.

01-IMG 3610 copy

03-IMG 3623 copy

04-IMG 3632 copy

02-IMG 3617 copy

05-IMG 3622 copy

07-IMG 3644 copy

06-IMG 3636 copy

09-IMG 3649 copy

10-IMG 3647 copy

13-IMG 3670 copy

14-IMG 3653 copy

12-IMG 3663 copy

18-IMG 3683 copy


17-IMG 3673 copy

16-IMG 3679 copy

Melissa, thanks for a wonderful afternoon and I hope these images will always be a reminder of these special days before you met your son.