I’m pretty sure that I realized what a treasure she was in the first weeks of grade one and I stuck to her like glue after that.  For twelve years we went through school and were thick as thieves: talking, playing,  plotting, sleeping over and laughing.  With all my young heart, I dearly loved Karen and her friendship is the root of many good things in me. Through the realities of  location, travel and schedules, since then we’ve just seen each other much less but every time I do, the fondness for my old friend runs deep.  My family always remarks, “Karen is just so Karen.”  She is.  She’s still the same clever, warm, loyal, caring, thoughtful person that she’s always been. She’s been busy with school and travel and friendships and family and teaching and now, she’s found true love.  I remember a conversation a few years ago where I shared what a wise friend had told me, that when you meet the person you’re to marry, you’ll both feel like you’re marrying up.  When she told me about Eric, that’s exactly what she said she felt like….and that’s well worth waiting for.  It’s obvious from every look that he feels the same way about her.

People keep saying to me, “I thought you don’t do weddings.”  Officially, I don’t…but unofficially I do make some exceptions now and again.  Photographing the wedding of my oldest friend easily qualified.  What a treat it was to spend the time celebrating such a special occasion.

Karen and Eric’s wedding took place in Friday Harbor on a balmy, beautiful day.  If I picture is worth a thousand words, then I hope this long post of pictures will communicate the thousands of words that could be used to describe the warm sense of family and community that was so encircling the two of them as they joined hearts.  The laughter, memories, hope, happiness, friendship and love were palpable.  There was such a sense of joy at celebrating love and the love that Eric and Karen have is deep and strong.

Much love, dear friend, and may you know great joy with Eric all your lives!


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