Two of my favorite things are teaching and photography and I feel so lucky to be able to merge these passions in my classes.  I teach Photographing Your Life: First Steps with a D-slr where I share both creative and technical information that took me years to learn (I talk fast!). Then there’s been the Shooting in Manual classes, comprised of those who have digested the basic components and are ready to learn how to take more control of their cameras and be able to get the shots they’ve envisioned.  This class is pure fun as I do about an hour of sit down teaching and then we shoot together three hours and work through challenging situations and why you’d choose certain settings to capture images.  It is such a thrill to see the connections made and we keep this class really small so we can interact quite a bit. Then whoever can, goes for a nice lunch and we end up with some time to just visit.  I love it. This class was filled with awesome ladies who jumped right in, helping each other, laughing and making the day such a pleasure. We shot in my house, in the near dark, created silhouettes and then walked a main street to cover a variety of situations.  Jessa, my beautiful, smiling,happy, easygoing, pleasant, generous friend, modeled for us and was just perfect!  I have a few of my favorites that I took of her here to share as well.

I’ll be teaching my next classes in the fall.  If you are interested, let me know and I’ll put you down on my email list when I firm up dates.

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