These are precious days and every day it’s easy to lose sight of that fact between the school drop offs and pick ups, endless laundry baskets, grocery runs and school papers to sign. However, I feel that somehow I have a heightened sense that my kids are growing and changing and I want to give them what they want the most…time with us. I want to listen and ask questions and pay attention to the little stuff that really is the big stuff.

Jasper and I had a cooking date last week. He was so excited about this rainbow salsa recipe that he found in his Highlights magazine and when I told him we’d have a date to make it, he was thrilled.  He made a list, enthusiastically shopped at the grocery store and chopped happily.  He was perky and chatty and it made me both laugh and also was a deep reminder of how very important times like this are to him (and all our kiddos).

At the end of the project, he scooped up salsa and sighed happily, “This is what I call A Kid’s Life.”

And the salsa was super yum.  Bonus.