The Baby's First Year Package is my sneaky way of hanging on a little and getting to see those beautiful newborns grow up. What FUN it is for me to see "my" babies change every few months. This was the fourth and final installment for little Maebry. Here she was a BUN IN THE OVEN, then as a wee NEWBORN , last fall at SIX MONTHS , and now at a year. You'll notice that though Maebry is highlighted in all of these sessions, they all involve lots of images that show the relationships that she has with the members of her family. They adore their little pumpkin and she is one happy, responsive little girl.

When I left on this night the clouds were looking dark and gloomy (we've had the worst luck with weather!) and Ben wished me a good session. I told him I knew it would be, so long as the rain held off, as they are such an easygoing and fun family.

Miss Maebry Rose is the type of little gal who grins when she sees the camera. It was hysterical. I am used to jumping around like a yo-yo to get the attention of the little ones but she just beamed at me whenever I held up my camera.

We did a similar image to the one we did at six much changes in a year! (And how amazing are her mommy's shoes!!!)

IMG 0649 copy edited-1

IMG 0211 copy edited-1

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She's a pretty girl, like her mom.

IMG 0284 copy edited-1

Of course, I am as guilty as any aunt or grandma when I look at babies and decide who they look like. I was pretty convinced that she followed mostly after her daddy until I saw the picture on FB of Maebry and her cousin (mom's nephew) and they looked remarkably similar. I guess it's just to show you that those little people are just a mix of families...and then just a whole lot of themselves too :) .

IMG 0295 cop1 edited-1

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IMG 0373 copyw

Big brother, Andrew, is so good with her. He knows how to turn on the giggles.

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IMG 0449 copyw

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Love that fussy face...after all, I had her out at bedtime.

IMG 0544 copy edited-1

But then Andrew was able to get some grins easily again.

IMG 0552 copy edited-1

Meghan just couldn't resist the police car as Matt is a police officer. Oh man, how cute is she. Her expression is priceless!

IMG 0601 copyw

IMG 0695 copy edited-1

IMG 0567 copy edited-1

One year. Thank you for the blessing of watching your girlie grow.